Chris Cranston

I Teach Enterprising Sales Professionals How to Create an Independent Lifestyle Around Self Employment

Sales professionals turn to me …
- Because they want to work for themselves, remotely, and with a done-for-you system. Our training includes practical, proven, one-on-one, as well as live, webinar based team training and support.
- When they are ready for the truth about what it takes to be successful working independently and remotely.

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Pine Falley Partners
My partners tell me that my coaching is refreshing and different from that which have experienced in the past.
1. I teach effective strategies based on proven, lead generation and inside sales best practices.
2. I roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with my team.
3. I tell it like it is. My partners always get the truth from me. If someone is not succeeding, I tell them why and what they need to do to fix it. I will not sugar coat anything.
4. This is personal. When I work with any member of my team, I work with them as if my livelihood depends on their success.

Get Clients Now!
As a licensed Get Clients Now! facilitator, I offer training workshops around proven strategies for getting more qualified, paying clients. My students include service professionals like attorneys, accountants, financial services, health care practitioners, recruiters, speakers, coaches and more.

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